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I'm going back to my old game randoms again, especially Dragon Age e.e I can't help replaying them both before DAI comes out. And with that, I'm doing a whole bunch of writing to go with my old love. Maybe I'll try some drawing too…I dunno yet >> anyway…yeah…Dragon Age spam time with in like the next few weeks…ehehehe...
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Title: Do Not Die On Me, Hawke
Pairing: LadyHawke/Fenris
Disclaimer: Bioware owns all


Fenris's heart felt like it would burst in his chest, ice like claws gripped it like he had gripped so many others. It was odd, the feeling he must have given others, but this was much more painful. His forest colored eyes focused on the rogue’s form.

Rin Hawke was circling around the Qunari Arishok, her daggers tight in her hands, so tight her knuckles went white, and  aimed to strike. Her amber eyes were focused on the Qunari, they were filled to the brim with fear, anger and pure concentration.

It had been he who had proposed that Hawke and the Arishok should duel, and if she were to die, it would be his fault, as well as Isabela's and the relic she had stolen. The pirate stood close to him, her golden eyes flickered with concern and worry. She knew the odds of Hawke surviving, it was slim to none. But they all knew that.

The Arishok launched himself forward, his arms in an arc, the sword and axe he held in hand was ready to hit and kill the duelist assassin. But Hawke's lips curved to a mischievous smirk as she threw dust to the ground and quickly moved behind the Arishok, performing her famous backstab assassination. The Arishok hissed in pain, face contorting into a snarl and twisting to face her, sword once again at the ready.

'Don't think you've won yet, Hawke, he hasn't even warmed up.' Fenris thought, seeing her hands tense on the handles of the large twin daggers.

The Arishok towered above her, and when compared to him, she was a bug, a small human with only daggers and thin armor. However, she was agile, quick and nimble, dare he say even graceful. Her body was muscular from her constant running about and fighting. Her abs, legs and arms were well toned, even more so than his own. Brute force wasn't everything.

Hawke's gaze was focused on the Arishok, she didn't even notice he began to swing his weaponry. The side of the sword blade hit her in the back of the knees and she fell back, hitting the ground with a thud.

"This is over," he said plainly, voice sounding cold as he pointed the tip of the sword at her neck. “It’s time to die, basalit-an.”

Fenris heard the soft gasp from Isabela’s lips, and the muffled curses from both Anders and Varric. But he knew better then to think Hawke was as good as dead at that moment. He had learned as he stayed by her side for the three years, all the fights, all the long battles, they had strengthened her, they had trained her. She was the most talented rogue he knew, the most talented woman. She wouldn’t be defeated so easily, she would have some sort of trick, some sort of back up.

The muscles in Rin's legs were tensed, one dagger thrown had been aside, the other was in her left hand. Her fingers twitched, right hand reaching for something on her belt, and in that second, Fenris knew what she was planning.

Not a second before the Arishok could make his move to slit her throat, the rogue flipped out of his reach with a grunt, throwing one of her many miasmic flasks at him. While he was stunned, Rin flew in a flurry of quick aimed blows, ending when she shoved her daggers into his back then ripped them out, crimson liquid pouring from the Qunari leader’s wounds. She gave a smirk to herself, though knew it wouldn’t be enough.

Fenris placed one foot forward, his hands clenched into tight fists as his metal gauntlets dug into his palm. She needed to move faster, that one wound wouldn’t stop him. It would slow him, but not stop him.

The Arishok let out a yowl of pain as he knocked Hawke to the ground once more. She hit it with a thud and a loud shriek, her daggers flying back behind her. Gripping her side, she hissed with fury, cursing lowly with such venom it dripped from her words.

Fenris felt his body tense, his eyes were on her as she reached for her weapons. The powerful and great Hawke, brought to her knees and forced to crawl backwards, scooting herself to try and get her weapons.

The Qunari stood over Hawke, his large frame looming over her, his shadow completely engulfing her. He lift his foot, bringing it down on her foreleg. It crunched, snapping completely as she yelled in agony. There was another crack; her wrist snapped when he gripped it between large fingers. Rin screamed, her lungs almost bursting, her face completely flushed as she huffed, just trying to breath.

Fenris was snarling and spitting in arcanum, he didn't know what he was saying, just that the words left his lips with such anger they alone could have killed the Arishok if possible. Though he felt Isabela and Verric both with arms around him, holding him back.

Hawke threw another of her miasmic flasks at the Qunari leader with the hand that he didn't hold in his tight grip, with that, he let go of her and she frantically managed to grab both her daggers, hissing with pain as she took each tightly in hand. She hadn't anticipated the Arishok's next move however; sword entering the right side of her waist. She was pinned to the pillar, sword in her waist, blood dripping down the Arishok's sword and down the pillar. Her eyes went wide, tears gathering at the side of them and rolling down her cheeks.

Though Rin then turned her head to glance at Fenris, she managed to smile at him. Her normal smile she’d always give. The one she’d give to comfort him, to speak to him in his mansion or her own. But this one was weaker, as if to match her skin getting deathly pale. The elf watched, he had stopped spitting curses, but he didn't have the slightest idea what she was about to do, she could have anything in mind of her next move, anything at all, or even nothing.

The Arishok took the sword and it slid out of her waist, covered in the rogue's blood. Rin managed to raise her daggers, holding herself up weakly, legs shaking as she held them in an "X" formation across his neck. She slid them across quickly, blood quickly splattering from the wound, across her face and dripping not only from the weapons but down the Arishok’s chest as he fell.

She had slit his throat in a simple move, despite her broken wrist, snapped leg, and gash pouring blood from her side.

Before anyone could even blink, she collapsed on the ground with a gasp. Varric and Isabela let Fenris go and he was at her side in seconds, scrambling as he almost fell, Anders following him. Isabela was frozen to her spot though, and Varric was fumbling for something on his belt.

Blood was quickly pooling around Rin, her own mixing with the pool around the Arishok, surrounding them, the elf and the healer. Her eyes widened with another gasp, breathing coming in heavy pants. Anders was already looking over her wounds, muttering spells left and right, letting his eyes shut from the glow of his hands and spells. Fenris' green eyes locked with her own golden.

"Hawke?" he asked, worry and concern lacing his eyes, his voice. She let out another scream when Anders’s eyes flickered open and lightly touched her broken foreleg. "Rin."

"Fenris," she managed, wincing. "Maybe I should have let Izzy take the relic and run then refuse the fight, huh?" The elven warrior shook his head slightly, so close to death and she still joked around, a natural defense he supposed.

"I suppose," he said. Another blood chilling, heart stopping scream escaped her lips, this time when Anders tried her broken  wrist. Fenris gripped her unbroken hand in one of his blood covered ones. It was her blood. His hand was covered in her blood, and it was wrong. So wrong.

"Do not concentrate on the pain, Rin, concentrate on me, alright?" he told her, she managed a small nod in reply.

"Just talk to me, then, Fenris. You know how much I love to listen to you talk. I don't care what about, just speak. Please? A story?" she suggested, lips hardly moving with each word. She knew how bad he could be with stories, but he was willing to do what she said, anything she said. He wanted to help, but otherwise didn’t know how.

“Do you remember that one winter? The one we went out and stayed in the snow. Everyone else was staying at the mansion after the party, but we couldn’t sleep, neither of us. You talked me into going outside with you, and it was snowing. We just stayed there, walking around Hightown, talking. And when things were silent, you started that fight, throwing snow at me. Told me it was so I’d match my hair, remember? You giggled, and talked me into laying right outside the estate in the snow, so we could star gaze. We fell asleep there and Isabela never let us live it down. She still jokes about it...” He spoke, about that night and anything that came to mind. She listened to his every word, very word that left his lips. Those lips she could remember kissing, those lips she knew were soft and warm, and she wanted to kiss again but probably never would.

She managed to smile before her eyes closed finally, not death but exhaustion. And as soon as she did, he lightly kissed her forehead and whispered a few simple words to her...

"And remember….how I love you....."
Do Not Die On Me, Hawke
Something I wrote a little while back, perfect for the contest over at Lady-Champion, 'A Lady's Romance', because it's quite sweet and all. Wish me luck!

Ok, the all famous Arishok fight! Isabela, that stupid relic isn't worth this much pain, and Fenris, shut up before you get Hawke killed! (as much as I love these two, they will be the death of my Rin Hawke!) Oh and Arishok, just die already, or leave or jump into the ocean or something, Rin is sick of your bull crap. (or well, she was before she killed you...)

Anyhow, the reason for there being four companions is Isabela just shows up with the relic before the fight, or she did in game, and Rin had Fenris, Varric and Anders with her, so that's why there are four. And this has some of Rin's view, some of Fenris' but really, yeah, it's them both at points.

Right, please comment, I love hearing your guys' thoughts! Enjoy the violence and the passion of this fic.

Oh, and this has been edited from when I posted it over on, just so you guys all know. ^^

NOTE: The much requested PART TWO - invisablememorythief.deviantar…

PART THREE- invisablememorythief.deviantar…

EDIT: PLEASE NOTE THAT I DID A BUNCH OF EDITING ^^ Enjoy and tell me what you think…I hope it's better than before.
The steady rhythm of rain hit against the windows of the estate, seeming to echo through the silence of Rin’s room as she lay curled up in the bed. It had been a week since her fight with the Qunari Arishok. One week since she had nearly died, one week since she had spoken to Fenris.

She sighed quietly, curling up as her slender fingers twisted in the loose bandages that were tied around her torso. Her flesh wounds had healed for the most part, as Anders stopped by each evening to check up on her, healing anything that needed it, but she was ‘encouraged’ to continue wearing them over the scarring just in case. She grumbled quietly and after a moment pushed herself up, grunting with the effort.

The rogue swung her legs over the side of the bed, pulling herself up and grabbing her clothing that was neatly folded on the edge of her bed. She pulled on the shirt and slid the skirt up her legs, finally turning for the door and limping towards it. A hiss came from her lips as she put too much pressure on her still shattered leg.

The door slammed back into the wall and she winced at the sound, not meaning to slam it so hard. She turned, gaze settling on the stairs and she stumbled over, determined to go down, she needed to get out for a while. She grabbed the old staff that her sister had left years ago before going to the Circle, the one that had been their fathers. The golden staff was sturdy enough for her to bear her weight on it as she walked, and it helped her descend from the stairs.

“Serah Hawke.” her head whipped around to her name, blinking her amber eyes at the dwarf that sat by her desk with his son. He held a stack of papers, sorting through them so they wouldn’t fall from the surface. “You’ve gotten more letters. Do you want me to put them with the rest? It seems most the people in the city need the Champion to help them.” he commented.

“Bodahn, just leave them on the desk. I’ll sort through it all myself when I get home.” he nodded at her response but she spoke again before he could turn to go back to work. “Though, I do have a question. Has anyone stopped by while I’ve been asleep? At any time this week, actually. Orana’s been quiet about it lately.”

“Well, earlier your other dwarven friend. And yesterday the guards woman was by to see how you fairing.” he paused for a moment. “The young elven girl with the old ships’ captain as well, they stopped by two days ago together.” she shifted forward on her toes, hoping the next would be word of Fenris. “Besides that, no one else comes to mind..” she suddenly seemed to deflate, pouting to herself. Right, no Fenris. No Fenris. Not in a week. She hadn’t seen him for an entire week, and it was driving her insane.

“I see, alright.” She sighed and turned, gazing to the door, almost as if she were willing it to slam open and reveal the elf. His perfectly tanned skin and snow white hair, forest green eyes and brooding nature. Those soft, warm lips turned in the faintest frown, but her eyes could never leave his. They’d be locked together and he stalk over to her, grabbing her by her unbroken wrist and turning her so she was held close against his chest. He’d keep her close, his face held close to hers and he’s whisper words to her in the language from Tevinter he knew so well before crashing their lips together, kissing her with such passion for so long her lungs screamed for air. But she’d stay there, returning it, pressing herself close to him, just loving the touch, the closeness. Just loving him, the kiss, the moment.

She sighed, leaning on the staff with more of her weight as she gave into the fantasies. Oh how she wanted him to come back, to be with her. She wanted to brush her fingers over his cheek and trace the markings lightly, softly kissing his skin but being careful not to hurt him in any way. She wanted him to return and share drinks with her as she taught him more of how to read, then have him hold her before bed so she could sleep close to him, against him. She just wanted to be with him. She just wanted him.

“Hawke?” she was jerked from her thoughts as the door slammed open. She looked up with a small hum from her lips, blinking her eyes wide. There stood Anders, though soaked from the rain, he was starring at her. “Oh, you’re up on your feet? I just came by to check on you...” he sighed and rubbed the back of his neck. She sighed. She did not need to deal with him right now, not yet at least.

“Huh? Well, I’m better today.” she smiled at him, and he seemed to believe it, smiling back. “A lot better in fact. I was thinking of going out for a bit. I just really need fresh air, you know? And some light. The window just isn’t cutting it.”  she tried to laugh softly as he walked over to her, offering out a hand. Unable to deny it, she took it and he helped her balance.

“I could help you if you like. And look at your wounds before hand. If you want, I mean.” she glanced up to him and shrugged, trying to look indifferent.

“Sure, I don’t mind. Um, but then I’d have to go back upstairs, wouldn’t I? I mean, the library could work too, couldn’t it?” she suggested. He gave a small nod and looked over, pulling her lightly over to the library. He helped her walk over and once passed the door he shut it, turning to her. The rogue was already propping the staff up against the wall and reaching for the hem of her shirt. No matter how much she did this, or how many times she told herself he was just her healer, it wasn’t any less odd for her.

She tossed the shirt aside and began picking at the bandaging, looking at him as he pulled out a few poultices and potions from his belt, setting them on a bench just in case. He reached over and slowly undid the clean bandages, unwinding them from her stomach and chest, revealing her pale flesh beneath, only scared by a few light cuts and the large gash from where she was impaled against the pillar.

His cold fingers ran against the scar, checking it over as his eyes glanced from her down to the wound. He leaned away, wrapping the bandage up in almost a wad and setting it beside the potions.

“You shouldn’t need to wear that anymore, everything’s healed perfectly.” he commented, humming softly to himself. “Looks good, Ri- Hawke. You’ll just have to let your wrist and leg finish healing, and I’ll leave the potions and splints here for you. If you need anything else though, have Orana come get me. I’ll come as fast as I can.” he gave her another smile as she tugged her shirt back on. She nodded and returned a small smile, leaning up to press her lips to his cheek as thanks. That almost seemed normal. A friendly way of gratitude, right?

“Noted, Anders, and thanks for all the help with it. Probably wouldn’t have healed as well as it did, nor would I be standing here is it weren’t for you.” she reached and grabbed the staff, heaving open the door. “Bodahn, have Orana put the potions and such in my room while I’m away, as well as a few books from my personal shelf. I’ll be gone until this evening, so have what you all like for a meal later.” she paused for a moment. “Anders, mind helping me to the Hanger Man? I could sure use a drink.”

Without waiting for an answer from Bodahn, she allowed Anders to careful take her injured hand in his and lead her to the door, and into the rain that was pelting the Kirkwall streets.


The door opened easily, though almost knocking the pair back with the boisterous laughter accompanied by deafening music and horrible singing. Rin couldn’t help but grin under her soaking wet hair that covered her face. She pushed it from her face to look around, glancing to Anders before pulling him along with her to Varric’s room. She could already hear the voices of some of her friends, she could tell them anywhere.

She pushed her way through various patrons, calling out greetings to a few ones she knew well. She kept her pace quick and let Anders help lead her up the stairs, though she put most her weight on the staff.

After a moment she stopped at the door, having yet to be noticed. The table was lacking only four seats, and she knew one always empty from Sebastian, the other had been her sister’s in all the years before the Circle claimed her. Varric sat at the head of the table, with Merrill and Isabela on each of his sides. Aveline was sitting next to Merrill and Fenris next to Isabela, leaving room for Rin next to Fenris and Anders next to Aveline. The seating arrangement had been Rin’s idea in the first place, having each sit next to someone there could bear not to stab or set on fire. At least, for the most part.

The duelist assassin had planned to take a seat before anyone would notice, but Isabela was already on her feet and bounding over, a grin on her lips and her eyes sparkling with a near drunken glee.

“Hawke! It’s about time you got back on your feet and came to visit us! Especially on the weekly game night!” she pulled the other rogue away from Anders and into a hug, almost causing her to drop the staff from her hands.

“Okay, okay Isa, get off me though. I still heart like hell....” she sighed as the pirate let go and planted a soft kiss against her lips, taking her hand and dragging her over to the table to sit. She placed her down besides Fenris, and Rin couldn’t help to blush as all eyes seemed to drift to her. She was use to looks, but usually it was when some one was talking, and not when Isabela tried to kiss her.

“If that’s over with,” Aveline finally spoke, leaning forward on the table. “It’s good to see you up and about Hawke, I’m glad to see you’re feeling better. It’s been odd without you.” Merrill gave a nod of agreement before smiling happily to her.

“I agree, but you’re all better now, right? Things could go back to how they use to be. But better! You’re champion now! Champion of Kirkwall!” she giggled, kicking her feet lightly below the table. “Do you think they’ll give you a statue? Or maybe a party with a lot of cake? Can we go?” Rin laughed quietly, smiling as the young Dalish elf continued babbling softly.

“I’m more surprised you don’t have anything to say to anyone, Hawke. Or anyone else to you. It’s been a week and you’ve not spoken a word or heard one. Must be more than a little boring.” Varric cut in, tilting his mug of ale before taking a drink of the contents. Rin shrugged as she reached for one of the extra mugs.

“It’s only been a week, and I see so many of you regularly. I’m not surprised really. And I don’t have much to say since I’ve been asleep. Unless you want to hear what runs around in my messed up head when I sleep.” she joked and took a sip. She was honestly hoping no one would tell her they wished to know, since most of her dreams had recently been nightmares about her family or even her friends, or her fantasies of what she wanted out of the future with Fenris. The latter she needn’t tell anyone, since even she knew it was never going to happen.

“If it’s anything from you, maybe it’s better we not know.” Varric gave her a sly grin with a wink, as if already knowing. “We’ll just have to use the future time to make up for all of the missed time. I assume you’ll be taking more time off due to your fractured bones, however?”

“Ah yes, those..” Rin sighed, giving a hopeful glance to Anders. “Well, with any chance, they won’t keep me out of it for too long. You know me, always wanting to get back to the fighting. Killing dragons, the undead and the countless slavers and thugs. Have to keep this city a safe place after all.” she tried to shoot them all a smile as her fingers tapped against the side of the mug, but at that it went silent.

After a moment, Fenris pushed himself up from the table, his gaze kept down to his own half finished drink. He kept his hands flat on the table, mumbling quietly that he needed some air before leaning up and turning to leave. Each person watched him, though Merrill with curiosity and Anders with disdain. Rin hummed softly as she watched him exit and descend from the stairs, sighing.

“What pissed in his wine?” Isabela snorted, leaning back in her seat. “All drinking and silence lately. And then that? He can’t just up and leave, we haven’t even finished the game.”

“It is getting late,” Aveline spoke simply, giving a shrug. “I’m not surprised. And it’s been a while since we’ve all been in the room. I can’t say I’d blame anyone for leaving, I should probably get going myself.”

“I say good riddance,” Anders hissed under his breath. “We don’t need somebody like him here anyway, such an attitude.” Rin sighed at the words and sank lower in her seat, almost pouting like a child.

“Blondie, come on, you know how she feels about him...” Varric sighed, Merrill giving a firm nod of agreement. He turned to Rin and leaned forward. “Which is why you should go after him. You know Hawke, he did drink a lot. He might not be safe to go wandering off alone. And with that old master of his still on the loose...and this weather...” at that the woman perked up and pushed herself up, downing her drink in hopes it may dull the pain.

“You’re right.” she nodded, giving a small smile and reaching into the hidden pocket of her skirt. She pulled out a few sovereigns and laid them on the table. “And in return for all the good words earlier, have a few drinks on me.” she gave them all a nod before she turned, grabbed the staff and headed out, limping down the stairs.

“I don’t see what she sees in him!” Anders growled, laying his head on the table and shutting his eyes tightly. “She could do so much better than him! He’s not worth the time.”

“Just like the stories, true love knows no bounds.” Merrill chirped, splaying her fingers out against the table. “She just loves him, and even if he denies it, he loves her. I think it’s cute~!”

“See, Daisy has it right.” Varric smiled again as he reached for the money Rin had left. “And it’s just how she is. She set her mind on him and she won’t change it easily. But both are just as stubborn. That’s why we have a pool going on which caves first.” Aveline sighed and rolled her eyes, finding this the time to get to her feet and turn to leave without another word. Isabela however, gave a nod in agreement as she hummed and glanced to the money as well.

“But even knowing that, you’re not giving up on her, are you?” she smirked. “How cute this is, you’re simply a third wheel in this case. But not the good kind. Now, if it were like when her cousin and I met with Zev and Leli, then it’d be more fun for you. And possibly for myself as well. Just think about it!”

“I’d...I’d rather not. I’d rather not see you with the other two and her cousin either.” he grumbled. “Too late for that, I see. But I should be going...need to get this image out of my head now..” he heaved himself up and got to his feet, not even waiting for a reply as he left as well.

“So...with all of them gone, what shall we do now?” Merrill asked as she blinked, looking at the dwarf and pirate remaining. Varric gave them each a grin before holding up the money.

“Hawke did give us this for another round or two. And after that, let’s find out the details of the happenings, shall we?”



The elf turned his head to look over his shoulder, his eyes narrowed against the rain soaking through his clothing and plastering his snowy hair against his face. He watched the rogue limp up to him, her wet finery hanging against her frame, showing each movement perfectly, sticking to her curves. Her boots clattered against the stone beneath them, along with the tapping of the staff that helped her walk. She brushed the brunette tresses away from her eyes and stopped when she neared him, glancing up to him.

“R-” he stopped himself, taking a deep breath. “Hawke, what is it?” he immediately looked away from her, his fingers curled against his palms as he tried to keep his breathing even. He hadn’t been this close to her for a week, and he didn’t want to be. He didn’t want her to remember when she woke up and he was there, he didn’t even want to remember. He had over stepped his bounds and there was no going back.

“I-I wanted to make sure everything was alright, I haven’t seen you very much any more.” she explained simply, her breathing coming in soft pants. Had she run to keep up? Even on her broken leg? “You left with out saying a word to me, and I though maybe it was my comment-”

“It was.” he cut her off. At this point, there was no more pushing her away, not tonight. He never wanted to again, but he always found an excuse to. “You need to take your time healing, don’t push yourself so much. Rin, you need to be careful and not let your wounds get worse.” he was quiet after he spoke, averting his gaze of hers. He slowly reached out a hand, not caring anymore. He had to, he wanted to. He needed to do this.

“Fenris I...” she trailed off as he grabbed her hand, pulling her over to him. He held her against the cold, wet metal of his chest plate, finally looking to her as he did. She opened her mouth to speak but nothing came out. The metal of his gauntlet was freezing against her flesh, almost as if it were ice burning through it. She enjoyed it though, it meant this was happening. It meant she was close to him.

“Rin...please?” he murmured, his lips brushing against hers. She shuddered, her eyes fluttering as she formed a reply. It was happening. Everything seemed to slow down, but her heart pounded against her rib cage, like a butterfly trapped in the confines of a cage, wings beating the restraints in order to get out. She could only force herself to nod  as her slid his other hand up to tangle in her soaking her, resting against her scalp as he pulled her close, softly kissing her. She leaned up on one foot, making it easier as she lightly returned the kiss.

A moment passed and he leaned away, giving her a sweet smile as he let her go. She made herself smile back, almost drowsy with such a feeling. It had happened. The closeness, the kiss, the moment she had wanted, had waited for. He was so close to her, she could even hear his heart beat when she rest her head against his chest. Finally she hit a wall, everything seeming to catch up with her.

“Fenris...I’m sleepy...can we go home? I to prove you can to me let me cuddle you and Ivadia till I fall asleep.” She felt her head go slack as he held her close against him, before everything seemed to fade into darkness and the last words she heard were spoken quietly, in that voice she loved so much, and the last thing she saw was that sweet smile he almost never gave her.

“Of course, Rin.”
Say That You Love Me
So I finally am working on this series again, and this is by far the longest. Though I am working on rewriting the other two and such so don't pay too much mind since the other two are super old. Anyway, it's all pretty much fluff for Fenris and my Female Hawke, Rin. With a little bit of jealousy from Anders. Though I honestly haven't written this couple in FOREVER or any of the characters so it may be a bit OOC. Also, it probably would never happen but I just love fluff between these two no matter what e.e

PART ONE- invisablememorythief.deviantar…
PART TWO- invisablememorythief.deviantar…


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I'm going back to my old game randoms again, especially Dragon Age e.e I can't help replaying them both before DAI comes out. And with that, I'm doing a whole bunch of writing to go with my old love. Maybe I'll try some drawing too…I dunno yet >> anyway…yeah…Dragon Age spam time with in like the next few weeks…ehehehe...
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Thank you for the :+fav: :)
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